Marie is an excellent listener, and asks the
right questions.
Gently probing me and helping me make connections, and gain insight into what motivates me and
drives me.
She is empathetic and caring; both critical in developing trust and being open.


Marie is a brilliant coach.
She mixes a therapeutic approach with input that advances your abilities and skills in business.
She has many years experience in helping ambitious people achieve their dreams.


Marie coached me during a time of transition.
She is inspirational.


I found Marie’s coaching style really helpful – calm, reassuring, positive and patient.
The sessions exceeded my expectations – the objectives and tasks/readings really helped me to progress and professional at all times.
I feel that she always considered her comments carefully. I feel much more positive since undertaking the coaching sessions. I feel that I have more ‘control’ over my life and I have a clearer direction for my future.

C.L West Yorkshire

Marie helped me in a time of need by identifying my strengths and areas that required development whilst giving me a vision to work towards.
She supported me in developing a can do attitude, and in particular helped me develop my interviewing skills. I would definitely Marie recommend to anyone requiring coaching. She is unique, one of a kind. 

W H. West Yorkshire

Marie coached my teenage son for six months when he dropped out of university after one term. He was struggling to find his way and think about his future, and she supported him to make a plan and take control of his life.
She offered him a private space to think about taking the next step and helped him take control and make decisions. He found her to be encouraging, challenging when required, kind and generous with her time.

JH. Bath

I'm Rory, when I met Marie I was 19 and was struggling with severe depression and a lack of direction.
Marie helped guide me through a rough year, I had just quit university after a traumatic few months which triggered my depression. With her help and careful advice I was able to get back on my feet and l am now back in university.
She has not only been a friend in this endeavour but also an adviser and confidant. Marie coached me for six months on a weekly basis and helped me see the wood for the trees.
Thank you Marie.   



I had coaching with Marie recently, the sessions were tailored round my life at that time. It involved six one-hour sessions, at approximately the same time and day each week, some by telephone, others by Skype and the final session was face-to-face.
The coaching provided a form of stability and support particularly round decision making at a time when I had emotional challenges. There were manageable amounts of homework between sessions. Coaching propelled me  to have more self confidence in addressing  pressing issues.
There are other areas of my life that I  hope to address, and I plan to use the tools I learnt in coaching. I feel reassured that Marie will work with me in the future if need be. The thought of going it alone was initially daunting, but coaching has taught me not to be fearful.  

B V. Hampshire